Designer Hardwood

Designer Hardwood is a new wood that doesn’t involve harvesting centuries old forest trees

Artists & Designers

Created to inspire Artists & Designers to push creative boundaries to new limits


Drill it, saw it, plane it, join it. Just like any natural hardwood.

DIY – Buy Online

You can purchase slabs of our designer hardwood delivered to your door!

Your Signature Designer Hardwood

Make your place special. Create your own wood that no one’s ever seen before.

Cafes & Restaurants

Set your scene with your own unique Signature Designer Hardwood. Create an atmosphere that is uniquely yours.

Retail & Showrooms

Create a luxurious and unique entrance to your business with you very own Signature Designer Hardwood.

Corporate Headquarters

Make your mark and create a branding like no one else with your own Signature Designer Hardwood featured through out your business.

It is 100% natural.


No formaldehydes, no isocyanates – nothing harmful inside.

So it is fully recyclable.

Because of its exceptional hardwood properties, it provides you with a durable, versatile and attractive wood to work with.


Level 17, HWT Tower,
40 City Road, Southbank  VIC  3006