Just Imagine

Designer Hardwood made from wood waste.
Anywhere on Earth.

Through science and engineering,
we have pioneered the process of turning
wood waste into beautiful, safe, durable and
sustainable products.

We are focused on “doing the right thing”
and safeguarding our forests in the process.

Innovation is at the core of what we do,
guided by sustainable development principles.

Designer Hardwood - Bespoke Wood
– Naturally beautiful hardwood
– Made in Australia
– From sustainable wood sources
– Non-toxic, safe and recyclable
– No formaldehydes

Your Designer Hardwood – Your Way

Make your place special.

Designer Hardwood - Hallway Table

Your Home

Use Designer Hardwood to create bespoke furniture for your home. The options are limitless.

Cafes & Restaurants

Set your scene with Designer Hardwood. Create an atmosphere that is uniquely yours.

Retail & Showrooms

Create a luxurious and unique entrance to your business with Designer Hardwood.

Designer Hardwood - Corporate Headquarters


Make your mark and create a branding like no one else with Designer Hardwood featured through out your business.

It is 100% natural.


No formaldehydes, no isocyanates – nothing harmful inside.

So it is fully recyclable.

Because of its exceptional hardwood properties, it provides you with a durable, versatile and attractive wood to work with.