3 Awesome Kids Shelf Ideas That Will Keep Your Kids Room Tidy

Decluttering and reorganising your child’s bedroom can be made so much easier with Kids Shelf Ideas that are practical and sustainable.

With the right materials and advice, getting the tools out has never been so much fun. Here’s some creative Kids Shelf Ideas that will look great and keep their room tidy.

Perhaps the simplest of our Kids Shelf Ideas is floating shelves. It’s an easy, cheap option for kids to store their favourite things. The basic construction and installation means even an amateur on the tools can get a great result. Timber shelving with a clear coat looks beautiful against neutral coloured walls. Or, paint them in the same shade as the wall if you are looking to blend the shelves in.

To achieve a more interesting look in your child’s bedroom, try box shelves. Although there’s a little more to building them, they still have a straightforward design. Stagger the heights or the sizes for a creative look and keep most, if not all, at a height your child can easily reach for practical storage of books, toys and trinkets. If you’re feeling really confident, trying making hexagon shaped shelves instead of squares. The separate storage areas provided by box shelves helps kids sort and store their items in an organised way. For a fun pop of colour, paint the wall at the back of each shelf a gorgeous shade.

Designer Hardwood Kids Shelf Ideas

An extremely practical and sleek looking design idea is a built-in study desk and bookshelf combination. This creates loads of storage and homework space in a bedroom, while maintaining a smooth, decluttered look. While you can easily source the materials for this from our sustainable wood collection, you may want to leave the construction to someone with experience.

Use one of our Kids Shelf Ideas, or do some research and come up with your own creative take. Choose quality and sustainable materials for an attractive and lasting result. Our range of recycled, sustainable timber is perfectly suited to this style of application. For advice and information on your shelving ideas get in touch with us at Designer Hardwood.