As a tree grows, it becomes stronger & denser. The tree produces a natural resin that “cures” the wood fibres using atmospheric pressure, temperature and time. The older the tree, the better the wood quality.

We can now do in one day something that takes nature a lifetime.
At the heart of our technology is a water-based “Nano-glue” that bio-mimics the natural growing process of a tree, in just hours. Different timbers, with the same performance properties as their ancient ancestors can be made in just a single day.
And its all made by robots in a modern production unit, with digital precision and reliable quality.

All the benefits of Tropical Hardwood, but none of the harm.

Our technology is born from a world of leftovers and wastefulness.

Did you know?
  • One football pitch of forest lost every second in 2018
  • 70% of each hardwood log is wasted in traditional saw milling methods
We now have the technology to meet hardwood needs, anywhere in the world, without having to cut down our tropical rain forests.
  • Protect the rain forests (Designer Hardwood is sourced from sustainable wood sources)
  • Reduce wood waste (Designer Hardwood is made from forest leftovers destined for wood chips)
  • Protect the environment (Designer Hardwood is non-toxic and fully recyclable)
  • Reduce your carbon footprint (Designer Hardwood is made locally in Australia)

Reliable Performance

Drill it, saw it, plane it, join it. Work with it.

All the benefits of tropical hardwood, but none of the harm.
  • Naturally beautiful wood – Appearance Grade
  • Made from forest leftovers destined for woodchips
  • From sustainable wood sources
  • Non-toxic, safe and recyclable
  • No formaldehydes – no harmful anything inside
  • Made in Australia
Designer Hardwood performs just like any natural hardwood. Its exceptional properties means it performs in all traditional Hardwood applications – and beyond.
  • Predictable & constant properties
  • Exact dimensions – no random lengths
  • Dimensionally stable