Care & Maintenance

Machining suitability
Identical to its native specie.
Suitable for planing, sawing, milling, sanding with traditional hardwood tools.


Industrial Gluing and Joining
Excellent. Identical to native wood.
Any traditional glue can be used.


Nailing & Screwing
Very good resistance to splitting.
Pre-drilling may be necessary, similar to native hardwood.


Surface Treatment
Any oil or water-based coatings can be used
Unlike phenol formaldehyde, our Nanoglue does not create “glue lines” when coated.


Product should be stores flat at all times.
Wood is a natural product. If bowed, simply turn over and let rest overnights.
Uncoated wood must be completely coated/sealed (polyurethane coating recommended).
Ensure 48 hours acclimatisation prior to coating or installation.


Repair – Long term maintenance
Avoid water build up on the surface.
Lightly sand down with fine sandpaper and recoat.



Health & Safety
No toxic or harmful components.
Product is recyclable.
As with native wood, care must be taken to protect against saw dust when machining.