Chopping Board Christmas Gift with Designer Hardwood

What do you get for the person who seems to have everything?  Something they didn’t even know they wanted – a chopping board Christmas gift!

This is not just any chopping board Christmas gift, however.  It tells a story, it honours nature and it is characteristically Australian.  Everything you could ask for in the perfect present.

Designer Hardwood’s spotted gum chopping board is like nothing else you will find in stores, making it the ideal Christmas gift for those loved ones who can be tricky to buy for.

So, what is it about these cutting boards that make them so unique?

Australian Made

For many people it is important to purchase Christmas gifts that are 100% Australian made.  If you are one of those people, then look no further!  Designer Hardwood is an Australian company, dedicated to preserving our country’s future. 


If you’re not familiar with Designer Hardwood yet, then we invite you to visit our About Designer Hardwood page and learn more about our sustainable harvesting and production processes.

These chopping boards are a great Christmas gift for anyone committed to reducing their environmental footprint.  They perform like traditional hardwood, without the impact to our environment.

Chopping Board Christmas Gift

Beautiful Finish

Not only are our cutting boards produced in Australia, but the stunning patterns on the boards are inspired by Aboriginal art.   Every board is oiled, ready for use.

With such a wonderful style and finish, they are not just everyday chopping boards for many customers.  They make high impact serving and grazing platters, and their story is one to share over a feast!


This is important for an item that is in direct contact with food!  Designer Hardwood is 100% natural and non-toxic – free from nasties such as formaldehydes and isocyanates.

Chopping Board Christmas Gift
Chopping Board Christmas Gift

Share a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.  From the sustainable, environmentally friendly production techniques that Designer Hardwood prides itself on to the joy and satisfaction that comes from having such a superb piece in the kitchen, you can be sure that it is a present that will resonate with many.

Contact Designer Hardwood today to find out more, or see for yourself in our online shop.