Designer Hardwood Inspiration – Hardwood Skateboard

Continuing with our theme of checking out creations by our customers, this week we have a Designer Hardwood skateboard! Take a look below!

Fantastic, right? The body of the skateboard is made from a piece of our high-quality wood from the leftovers of the milling industry. We love seeing how our customers use our wood, from office furniture and creating pieces of interior art, to fun, enjoyable and creative projects like this! It’s all simply amazing what you can create using Designer Hardwood.

From this picture you can see the thickness and fine grain of the wood, demonstrating its sturdiness and reliability.

If you’re looking to get into woodwork, something like a skateboard would be a great start – in fact, the final product isn’t so different in shape from when we first obtained the wood. When we asked our customer how long it took to make the skateboard, they told us they finished within a few days! A great summer holiday project that would make for an incredible and meaningful present.

Designer Hardwood Hardwood Skateboard
Designer Hardwood Hardwood Skateboard
Designer Hardwood Hardwood Skateboard

Using regular woodworking tools that are commonly found in a lot of household sheds and garages, it’s easy to create and build your own Designer Hardwood Skateboard. Stain or paint using your choice of colours, add on your wheels and you’re good to head down to the local skateboard or gift it to a skate enthusiast.

If skating isn’t your thing, let your imagination run wild and make whatever you’d like to make! All kinds of bats for sports, go-karts and benches are just some of the ideas we have seen. And, of course, our wood can be used around the house to make the interior and decoration of your home more warm and homely.

So if you’re looking for a piece of wood to get creative with, check out our online store and get the wood for your next project the environmentally friendly way!