DIY Hardwood Kitchen Accessories – The Latest Trend in Clever Kitchens

The beauty and versatility of wood is a great home design choice and DIY Hardwood Kitchen Accessories are a novel way to embrace the look.

As a functional and industrious space in the house, the kitchen provides limitless opportunities for timber creations. Here’s some of our favourite DIY Hardwood Kitchen Accessories to make you feel inspired.

We love watching the innovative ways customers transform our Designer Hardwood planks into useful, beautiful objects and structures. Just as we think it’s all been done before; we are inspired all over again with the thoughtful designs our products lend themselves to. From spice racks to chopping boards, there’s DIY Hardwood Kitchen Accessories ideas for every home.

DIY Hardwood Kitchen Accessories - The Latest Trend in Clever Kitchens

A staple in every kitchen is a pair of tongs, and it’s the timber tongs that chefs are reaching for. These are just as functional, and often preferred for cooking as they protect the surface of pots and pans. A small version called toaster tongs are also a genius solution to an age-old dilemma – metal in the toaster. Smaller size wooden tongs can be safely used to remove a wedged piece of toast, without the risk of a zap. Definitely within the realm of the home handyman abilities, you’ll find different tips and tutorials online for how to make them.

Another simple yet impressive idea we’ve seen clients create is a custom-made spice rack. Make it as big or small as your taste buds prefer and position it either on display or against the inside of the pantry. Breadboxes are yet another favourite, although may require some basic skills in joinery.

A chopping board is something anyone can shape from our beautiful hardwood planks, or you can buy one of our beautiful hardwood chopping boards. For the entertainers, a larger version, or grazing platter, built by yourself will be more impressive than the spread upon it.

Once you’ve completed your masterpiece ensure it’s protected with a food grade sealant. It’s then safe to start using in the kitchen. Our sustainable wood products find new life in many different ways, who knew DIY Hardwood Kitchen Accessories would be such a trend. Have you custom built some accessories for your kitchen? Share and tag us on our Facebook and Instagram pages.