While many companies are moving towards more environmentally friendly practices, it is still relatively difficult to find true ‘green’ companies. That’s why the team from Designer Hardwood decided to compile a list of what we believe to be the best and most well-performing environmentally and eco friendly cars available in Australia.

By purchasing an eco friendly car from this list you can do your bit for the Earth and support those companies who are striving for change all while driving in a dynamic, stylish and cutting-edge car. Green doesn’t have to mean compromising on fashion or power anymore!

Designer Hardwood - Eco Friendly Cars

Toyota Prius
The Toyota Prius is a versatile car for the everyday driver. A robust medium-sized hybrid car with a good performance. As it is a hybrid, it runs on petrol, which means it isn’t entirely green, but it also gives you peace of mind that you can simply use petrol whenever a charge isn’t available.

Nissan Leaf
While a little on the expensive side, it’s one of the world’s best selling eco friendly cars for a reason. Equipped with a 110kW motor that packs a punch and a very decent range of 270 kilometres before a charge is needed. Cars like the Nissan Leaf are fully electric, meaning that by owning one you are lowering the demand for petrol and thus helping our planet.

Tesla Model S
Truly the epitome of everything an eco-friendly car should be. An incredibly powerful car that can beat most of the staple fast cars out there in a drag race. The Tesla Model S is what to show those who scoff in the face of electric cars. A very pricey luxury vehicle that is perhaps best seen as a future goal for most of us.

Renault Zoe
A cute little car that boasts a big battery – not to be underestimated! A chic design and the perfect size for driving around packed city blocks. A nice fit for those working in business or management. Its impressive battery gives a very handy 300km range, meaning you probably won’t have to charge it up for weeks, depending on your commute.

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