With the world moving towards sustainability, we are living in an era where we must think about creating eco friendly homes.

Taking the time to consider what is best for our environment when building or renovating a home is extremely important. If we all make a conscious effort to create eco friendly homes, we can all make a great difference.

Moving away from materials that cause harm to the environment will ensure that we are all making a conscious effort to help create a future for the next generation. Eco friendly homes are constructed just as well as those built from common building materials which cause more harm than good. Choosing recycled steel for frames and recycled concrete for slabs will not compromise structure of the home. Opting for recycled products will make a difference, leading the way in creating a sustainable world. Why choose an option that is not environmentally friendly when you can create the same quality and finish with recycled and reclaimed products?

Designer Hardwood - Eco Friendly Homes

Along with recycled products for framing and structure, recycled products are also great to use within the home. From tables, chairs and shelving, your options of using recycled products are endless. Thanks to their range of sustainable timber, Designer Hardwood can help create eco friendly pieces for your home. Not only eco friendly, they are aesthetically beautiful creating a unique and on trend look within your space.

With wood planks recreated from pieces that would usually be sent to wood chips, Designer Hardwood is leading the way with their eco friendly products. Australian owned and made, our sustainable wood planks can be used through your home.

With education and awareness, along with innovative companies such as Designer Hardwood, we can work together for a sustainable future.

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