Eco-Friendly Salons – Sustainable Beauty

Australians love a good salon session but are becoming more aware of the environmental cost of beauty. This is where Eco-Friendly Salons step in!

What is it about eco-friendly salons that makes them so vital… and inviting? As a business owner, perhaps it is knowing you are helping reduce environmental damage. As a client, directing your money to something greater is a wonderful feeling.

There are many elements to consider when it comes to creating eco-friendly salons. People are aware that salon products, such as hair colourants, shampoos and cosmetics, are often far from good for our planet or our health.

The eco-friendly issue, however, runs a lot deeper than consumable items. It also brings into question the types of materials used when building and fitting out a salon, as well as energy consumption.

If you are a salon owner looking to up your sustainability game, here are a few great areas to get inspired about.

Eco-Friendly Salons – Sustainable Beauty

Cruelty-Free Products

This gets easier and more cost effective as each year passes. Gone are the days when choosing cruelty-free salon products was not only difficult, but expensive. Nowadays, there are many great products to pick from that are not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients. When looking for a cruelty-free product range for your salon, make sure they have been stringently assessed – while many try to do the right thing and refuse to test their products on animals, the ingredients they source might not be so eco-conscious.

A large number of Australians now look for salons that use only cruelty-free products, while for others it is a beautiful bonus. It is definitely worth investigating and investing in a top-quality, animal-friendly range.

Reduce the Chemical Load

Even cruelty-free hair products can contain nasty chemicals. They might tick all the animal welfare boxes but can still be laden with health-compromising ingredients such as formaldehyde and ammonia. The good news is that the new direction for eco-friendly salon products includes fewer of these dangerous chemicals. From colours to keratin treatments, a healthier product range goes a long way.

Cut the Waste

This is one of the biggest ways to reduce your impact on the environment. You can use refillable products to minimise packaging waste and focus on using recycled materials wherever possible. This includes using recycled aluminium foil, which is a huge landfill concern in the beauty industry. Aluminium is one of the most efficient materials to recycle, and it retains quality even when recycled numerous times. If you are finding that local salons are pumping out the waste, perhaps it is time to speak up and help boost awareness.

Décor for Eco-Friendly Salons

Consumables aren’t the only items in a salon that can be sustainable. When building, decorating or renovating a salon space, there are plenty of opportunities to introduce eco-friendly materials. Adding beautiful timber elements to a space can create feelings of nature and warmth, making a space welcoming and relaxing. Choosing Designer Hardwood to create unique décor pieces or design features adds another level of sustainability.

Designer Hardwood helps our planet by recycling the volumes of woodchips that are discarded as industry waste. It saves trees while production reduces the ecological footprint to a fraction of that left by traditional logging methods.

With no formaldehyde and low-VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), this stunning hardwood equals conventional hardwood in quality and appearance, without the cost to our environment or our health.

Contact the Designer Hardwood team today and create your own eco-friendly salon.