Environmentally Friendly Hardwood Stair Treads from Designer Hardwood

If you desire your home to use as much sustainably sourced material as possible, Designer Hardwood’s hardwood stair treads are a must!

We make our Blackbutt hardwood stair treads out of the leftover wastage from milling companies which would otherwise be turned into wood chips. While wood chips can be reused for various landscaping and gardening uses, they are just as often simply left to rot. Within this colossal waste, we saw the potential for a new sustainable wood market, so Designer Hardwood took this opportunity to create something amazing.

Designer Hardwood - Environmentally Friendly Hardwood Stair Treads

Our process goes like this: once we have sourced and acquired the leftover wood from the waste of traditional saw mills, we then examine it to ensure it matches Designer Hardwood’s high quality standards. We test its durability and make it to be as non-slip as possible. Our hardwood stair treads come in two different sizes to suit most common stair sizes – 1200mm x 280mm x 42mm and 1200mm x 280mm x 65mm.

To explain what stair treads actually are, here’s all you need to know. Stair treads are simply the planks of wood that make up the actual part of the stairs you stand on. They can be made from all sorts of materials, including stone, plastic and even glass. However, we believe that wooden stairs are the most cosy, stylish and homely and gives your home that designer feel.

Unfortunately, most wooden stairs, and wooden products in general, are not sustainably sourced. Many are ripped directly from nature and their subsequent transportation and processing results in further damage to the environment.

At Designer Hardwood, we understand all too well the allure and charm of wood. That’s why we decided to meet the demand for wood with a more sustainable product. So you can enjoy the beauty of wood without the guilt!

Designer Hardwood - Hardwood Stair Treads

Help the environment while creating a beautiful designer home! For sustainable hardwood stair treads, shop online or contact us today!