Designer Hardwood has a great variety of wood materials so that you can create and design the wood product that you want for you home or office. In our range of “How To” articles, we’ll discuss how you can stain Designer Hardwood just like you can any ordinary hardwood!
Designer Hardwood - Paint and Stain Designer Hardwood
Our workshop team used regular stains, tints and paints so you can see the difference they make when you are wanting to paint or stain Designer Hardwood. The choices are endless when it comes to how to paint and stain you Designer Hardwood, you can perfectly match to your existing colour palette or to create a completely custom piece.

We started off with 64mm thick piece of our Hoop Pine and used a variety of applications so you can see the results.

Designer Hardwood - Staining Designer Hardwood Cedar Prooftint

Feast & Watson – Cedar Stain

The benefits of using a prooftint to add colour to your wood pieces is that the stain allows the full depth and clarify of the grain to show through. You can see how the cedar adds a lovely tone that looks great. Simply give your piece a sand and remove any sanding dust before applying the coating. You can apply a second coat if necessary.

Feast & Watson – Golden Teak

We’ve used another prooftint stain on our piece of Designer Hardwood, this one being Feast & Watson Golden Teak Interior Stain. It’s fast drying capabilities and elegantly enhances the grain and the golden tones complement the beauty of the wood.

Designer Hardwood - Staining Designer Hardwood Golden Teak Prooftint
Designer Hardwood - Staining Designer Hardwood New Baltic Pine

Wattyl – Stain & Varnish – New Baltic Pine

The convenience of Wattyl’s 2 in 1 Stain & varnish is a great time saver. The final look after applying New Baltic Pine to our wood gives a rich natural colour and an even tone. This can be used for most indoor furniture and woodwork.

Feast & Watson – Grey Mountain Ash

This semi transparent stain allows the attraction of the wood to show through. The tones of the grey mountain ash stain suits with most home styling and adds a modern feel.

Designer Hardwood - Staining Designer Hardwood Grey Mountain Ash
Designer Hardwood - Painting Designer Hardwood Gloss White

White Knight – Gloss White Enamel Paint

We also tested the paintability of Designer Hardwood with a simple Gloss White paint from White Knight. Use this just like you would normally by preparing your piece with a light sand and removing any sanding dust.

As you can see, you can use our range of Designer Hardwood like you would with any ordinary wood. This is what makes using Designer Hardwood amazing. All the beauty and spirit of wood but in a sustainable format.

Have you used Designer Hardwood in your furnishing or wood pieces around your home or office? We’d love to see what you’ve created! Get in touch with us via our contact page or tag us in your pictures through our Facebook and Instagram profiles.