Kitchen Shelf ideas from sustainable wood – Easy on the eye, Easy on the environment!

One of the easiest ways to create a bespoke, engaging atmosphere in your kitchen is with Kitchen Shelf Ideas from Designer Hardwood’s range of sustainable wood.

A huge trend in furniture and building design, reclaimed and repurposed timber is also environmentally and budget friendly. Kitchen Shelf Ideas from sustainable wood are a great way to incorporate this look.

Designer Hardwood - Kitchen Shelf ideas from sustainable wood

The benefits of using Kitchen Shelf ideas from our sustainable wood range from the environmental kudos to the savings in your pocket. Using wood that would otherwise be turned to waste is a sustainable, cost effective option. Pair that with the depth of character you create and you have yourself a clear winner. You might never go back to plastic, engineered options again.

Even in the most sleek, modern kitchens a natural wood shelf adds warmth and interest. Select a colour tone to complement existing cabinetry or use this feature sparingly as a well-planned contrast. Open wooden wall shelving is the perfect way to display curated homewares. Copper pots, interesting crockery and gorgeous greenery are just some suggestions for dressing up the shelf.

Smaller spaces can also benefit from well-placed hardwood shelves. A rack for herbs, spices or teas is convenient storage. A serious of smaller wooden shelves against a kitchen wall makes the perfect bookcase for your favourite recipe books. It lends immediate personality to a space and serves to break up the continuity of kitchen cabinets.

The technology behind Designer Hardwood products is a “nano-glue” that brilliantly mimics the tree resin responsible for naturally strengthening and curing the tree fibres. And it’s all made by robots in a modern production unit, with digital precision and reliable quality.

If you would like to try out some Kitchen Shelf ideas from sustainable wood in your home, have a look at our inspiration page to find out what’s possible.

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