3 Living Room Hardwood Shelving Ideas We Absolutely Love

A feature in their own right, Living Room Hardwood Shelving Ideas are also a practical way to store and display your favourite things.

While each home is unique, there are some awesome Living Room Hardwood Shelving Ideas that can be adapted to almost any style or size of space for an instant lift. Designer Hardwood has some inspiration and clever styling tips for your living room.

Home styling is no longer about trying to achieve that display home look. More and more it’s about beautiful spaces that exude character and personality. One of the best ways to do this in your home is about the thoughtful addition of Living Room Hardwood Shelving Ideas. By using sustainable sourced, quality timber and creative thinking, you will have a functional addition to your home that looks amazing.

Pair our shelving with steel brackets and bracing for an industrial look. Either wall mounted or freestanding, this could be a DIY project to be proud of. This style of shelving is great for displaying a combination of wares. Attractive books, picture frames, travel souvenirs and a touch of greenery transforms a wall into a work of art.

Position 2 or 3 smaller shelves in an awkward corner or under a staircase. Paint them the same colour as the wall and fill them with your favourite books. All of a sudden, an unused space becomes a quiet library corner and another useful storage solution.

By running shelving along the entire length of the wall, you can create a built-in bookcase with a custom-made look. For the best effect finish the ends of the shelves with panels and incorporate uprights throughout the bookcase to create pods or box shelves. Consider including space within the design for the TV and sound system for ease of storage and a sleek look.

Hop online and compile some pictures of what you like, or come up with your own Living Room Hardwood Shelving Ideas. For a beautiful range of hardwood timber that is perfect for shelving and has the benefit of being sustainable, take a look at our online store or get in touch and we’ll help get you started.

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