Signature Designer Hardwood

Create a wood that no one’s ever seen before

Signature Designer Hardwood

Endlessly Customisable.
By you.

New textures. New properties. New looks.

For the first time ever, wood is no longer something that you just specify. You are no longer limited by specie.
Wood is now something you can create.

Our revolutionary process lets you combine countless textures and properties together to design the perfect wood for your needs.

And its all 100% natural. No harmful anything inside.

Whether you are looking to redesign your café, restaurant or corporate headquarters, you might want to consider creating your own Signature Designer Hardwood look.  But it is for decorative applications only, not structural, for applications such as

  • Walls & floors
  • Doors & Decorative panelling, DAR components
  • Stair treads & balustrades
  • Furniture such as restaurant tables, boardroom tables, reception desks
  • Craft & Mouldings

And because of our Industry 4.0 Smart Production Units we can do it fast and efficient.

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