Using Renewable Power is just one way to create a ripple effect

There’s a number of ways Australians are Using Renewable Power and making better choices for the future. Even small steps are making waves.

While there’s still a long way to go in the pursuit of clean, green energy, Using Renewable Power is one of the most immediate and effective ways to reduce Australia’s negative impact on earth’s resources.

As a human population, it’s safe to say that our existence hasn’t completely been ‘green’. In recent years, awareness of our environmental impact has improved – causing us to rethink our waste disposal and energy consumption. Although solutions are still being explored, Australians are taking measures to address the problem, including through Using Renewable Power. Even a single home making responsible choices can influence others to opt for a more sustainable approach – it’s called the ripple effect.

Designer Hardwood Renewable Power

One of most well-known sources of renewable energy is solar power. As well as massive solar farms within the country, it’s also the most popular way that people incorporate renewable energy production into their home. At the moment, per year, Australia receives around 10 000 times the amount of solar radiation than the total energy used in the entire country. This means, in theory, that we could convert entirely to renewable energy through solar. Interesting thought!

Hydropower generates energy through the movement of water, via currents and force. The Snowy Hydro, for example, is a large-scale hydropower station that supplies generated energy throughout the south-eastern corner of Australia. It’s also about to undergo a massive expansion project. Hydropower is responsible for over a third of renewable energy production, making it the largest source of renewable energy in Australia.

Wind–generated energy is one of the most cost-effective and sustainable forms of renewable energy. Usually generated from wind turbines, the flexible placing of the wind power plant allows old farms and unused properties to be employed. Although it’s hard to generate wind power in your own home, some of the energy you use in your home may actually originate from wind farms.

Many people won’t have the money, resources, space or time to set up their own renewable energy system for their home, yet it’s so important to at least be aware of the positives to making sustainable choices. A better, more environmental way of living is the ultimate goal, regardless of whether that’s achieved through Using Renewable Power, cutting down on waste or sourcing sustainable products. If you’re ready to make a difference and start a journey to a greener future, ask us at Designer Hardwood about our sustainable timber products and see how even one greener action can have an impact