When a retail company makes a commitment to using sustainable materials in-store, it says a lot about the people behind the brand.

Timberland is a perfect example. The clothing manufacturer and retailer specialises in outdoor wear and wanted to return to its traditional nature-centred values by using sustainable materials in-store.

Designer Hardwood - Examples of Using Sustainable Materials In-Store - Timberland
Designer Hardwood - Examples of Sustainable Materials In Stores - Timberland
Its first “purpose-led” store, in London’s Soho, is a nod to the love of nature and the outdoors that inspired Timberland’s founders in the beginning. Using sustainable materials in-store means that the company is making a clear statement about its progressive values and intentions.

This innovative approach to the store’s design is all about bringing the outside indoors – a green oasis that stands out in a sea of concrete, tile and glass. Timberland management is leading the way, with the help of creative group Dalziel & Pow, and hopes to eventually spread the sustainable love throughout all its stores and beyond.

So, what does the new strategy involve that makes it so groundbreaking? While it is a nod to Timberland’s origins, it also illustrates how the company is working to bring together these foundational values with a commitment to the future… by incorporating sustainable materials into the store’s design.

The materials used are truly eco-friendly and low waste. Furniture and fit out materials are made from recycled industrial waste, and the mannequins are all made from “bio-resin”. You also won’t find your standard shop décor inside. The store is full of life, including trees and a living green wall.

There is almost a museum-like reverence within the store, which has information zones dedicated to providing information about sustainability projects and practices, as well as environmental facts and issues.
Timberland is a business taking responsibility and its influence seriously, which begins with using sustainable materials in-store and working to educate the public.

Do you have a retail store and feel inspired to join Timberland in the eco-friendly arena? Or perhaps you would like to prioritise sustainability in your office or home. Whatever the project, set your intention and choose materials that support your vision. Designer Hardwood can create a signature style to suit your brand and style.

Designer Hardwood converts the waste from traditional timber processing methods and creates new hardwood – without having to harvest forest trees. We are focused on saving the future and setting a new standard in sustainable living and design.

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