Have you ever considered the source of your materials, or how using sustainable wood in restaurants can enhance your business?

Using sustainable wood in restaurants is already happening in eateries across Australia, so it is best not to wait too long before making the shift!

The world is changing out there, and many people are beginning to look beyond the surface when they make day-to-day decisions. This includes where they shop, relax… and where they eat. Using sustainable wood in restaurants is a great way to let the public know you care about your impact on the world without sacrificing quality or style.

Designer Hardwood - Using Sustainable Wood in Restaurants

There are also other things that are not sacrificed, such as health, wellbeing and Australian industry. Our sustainable wood is completely non-toxic, safe and free from formaldehydes. It is also recyclable and made in Australia.

Here are a few suggestions for incorporating Designer Hardwood products into your restaurant’s design.

What better way to improve your environmental footprint than with a sustainable product underfoot! Beautiful timber flooring will always WOW people and create an inviting sense of cosiness.

Wall Panelling
Being surrounded by warm, natural timber can feel like a big hug. It is even better when the timber hasn’t cost the earth… literally! If you are after a rustic feel in your restaurant then sustainable wood wall panelling is the perfect choice.

Sometimes nothing impresses more than a stunning feature hardwood door that entices people to open it! When you want customers to have a great first impression, start with the very first thing they come in contact with. Our sustainable wood always creates beautiful doors that beg to be opened.

Tables and Chairs
You don’t get much closer to timber than sitting on it and eating at it! Make sure your choice in hardwood for your tables and chairs looks and feels amazing, while being kind on the environment. This includes serving and bar counters, and bar stools.

Add a little touch of sustainable wood with items like cutting and serving boards, cutlery holders, and decorations. Anything you can create with forested hardwood; you can create with Designer Hardwood.

If you are interested in using sustainable wood in your restaurant, check out Designer Hardwood’s range of signature wood that can be customised for your branding. Contact Designer Hardwood today and bring your restaurant into the future of sustainable construction.