Victorian Logging Ban – Choose Designer Hardwood

The Victorian State Government is proposing a Victorian logging ban on native forest and incentivise the logging industry to use plantation wood instead. The Designer Hardwood technology has specifically been designed to convert young plantation waste into hardwood with the same properties as 100 year old native forest woods.

As an added measure, to make sure that our most valuable trees are fully protected, the state government has placed an immediate Victorian logging ban in old-growth forest, which spans approximately 90,000 hectares. The Victorian State Government has started the ball rolling on a comprehensive Victorian Logging Ban.  It will see a reduction of native timber in the next five years, and result in a complete ban in 2030.

Victorian Logging Ban – Choose Designer Hardwood


This does not, however, need to impact the production of timber products.  In fact, tightening the laws surrounding timber production could be exactly what is needed to see necessary changes occur across the industry, and protect workers in the industry long term.

The logging sector has one of the highest rates of primary resource wastage, with traditional saw milling methods creating up to 70% wastage from each hardwood log.

So, not only is the quantity of native trees being logged too high, it is also completely unnecessary.  The “wastage” we are talking about here – that 70% – can be recycled into a product that looks and performs as well as milled hardwood timber, without the environmental impact.

As advocates for a sustainable wood industry, it is wonderful to know that our beautiful old-growth forests will now be left in peace.

The technology behind Designer Hardwood products is a “nano-glue” that brilliantly mimics the tree resin responsible for naturally strengthening and curing the tree fibres.  It has been proven to produce high quality hardwood products from what is essentially woodchip material.

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What else makes Designer Hardwood timber such a great friend to the environment? By choosing sustainability over the traditional, you are reducing your carbon footprint with locally manufactured products and changing the course of our country’s landscape for future generations.

As an added bonus, you will find no nasty chemicals or toxic by-products in Designer Hardwood timber and will have the security of knowing that your materials are standardised, tested and quality-controlled.
You can choose this outstanding hardwood for any indoor use – it is particularly good for creating stunning furniture that is healthy for the whole family!

There’s no need to stop the beauty of hardwood. Find out more about our sustainable timber at