Why Is It Important to Use Sustainable Wood?

It might be new on the scene, but never in history has it been more important to use sustainable wood sources – our future depends on it.

Since humans created the very first survival kits, wood has played a role in almost all tricks and tools.  Unfortunately, we’re now at the stage – after billions of years – that it is vitally important to use sustainable wood products. 

Why is it important to use sustainable wood?  Here are a few of the main reasons the team at Designer Hardwood is so passionate about what it does every day. 

Less Wastage

It just makes good sense.  There is something about industries with high wastage rates that feels so wrong.  While there are plenty of other good reasons for choosing sustainable hardwood, we put this one at the top.  Accepting so much wastage as an industry standard, without trying to make significant improvements, shows a fundamental lack of respect: for the trees themselves, the efforts of timber workers and the many generations to come.

The disposable attitude across all markets that has arisen over recent decades has certainly made its way into the timber industry.  Traditional saw milling methods used by the logging sector result in up to 70% wastage with each hardwood log. 

Designer Hardwood - Why Is It Important to Use Sustainable Wood?

Environmental Footprint

This is at the core of what we do.  While there are lot of reasons why we do this, reducing the environmental footprint is the action, the how, the measuring stick with which we determine the impact our actions are having on the world around us.
While the action element of our environmental footprint is of a more current nature – our real time impact on the world around us – the outcome is our long-term footprint.  This is how our actions will affect the generations to come.

Honouring the Old

With so many centuries old forests having been harvested for hardwood – a practice that continues today in many parts of the world – it is hard to believe that there aren’t more organisations opting towards preserving them.  These trees should be treated with dignity and respect, instead of being nabbed to make a product that may well end up in landfill in the next fifty years.

Designer Hardwood - Why Is It Important to Use Sustainable Wood? - Samples of our sustainable hardwood

Something to Share with Others

With sustainable hardwood, every piece tells a beautiful story.  The raw material was destined for a less fulfilling future but was rescued, along with the wastage from other hardwood logs, to create something wonderful.  Each piece is unique, a perfect example of how simple it is to care about the bigger picture. 

At Designer Hardwood, we believe that the details in the story make it extra special.  Giving each piece of hardwood an extra dimension and a purpose is bound to put a smile on anyone’s face.  It is also a great way to set an example for younger ones, showing them why it is important to use sustainable wood.

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